We promise to find a way to make sure every guest has the best customer experience, every time. We care about your beard (and the rest of you).

Mission Statement

Provide the highest quality, organic grooming products at the best price, delivered directly to you. Although our focus started off with a man's beard, we have expanded our line to host all mens grooming products, including mens skin care. We recruit superior, customer-focused, professional partners that will help create value for owners. Through all this, we will grow a loyal following and build lifelong friendships with our guests while at the same time, providing environmentally safe processes and thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

The Reason

FixThatLid grew out of the infinite observations, discussions, constant searching and the occasional shoulder-shrugging of buying product that wasn’t meant for a man’s needs. The explosion of the men’s beard culture, and the growing movement of men that want to have the best products for their face and hair; which includes the facial variety initially created an amazing opportunity for us in the marketplace.

Being a Beardo myself, and wanting to maintain a youthful look, I started searching out products on the market to help keep my beard soft, my hair in tip top shape and most importantly, fight the aging process with every fibre in my being. Putting vanity aside, another reason for creating the website is to be a source for all things surrounding our community. We want our guests to come and shop our site, but we also want them to search out the restaurants that they want to try out, pick up recipes or gift ideas, or find a great piece of furniture. The idea of launching FixThatLid became exactly about that: FixThatLlid from the outside inward.

To provide you with some history of where we came from and how we got to this point, I’ll share with you my background. My previous experience working in the retail industry included roles in absolutely every segment of the business. From Front Line Sales and Service to Buying, Replenishment, Product Development, Ecommerce, Finance, Marketing and Assortment Planning on the Retailer side of the business, I have been able to gain knowledge and experience that has lead me to the launch of this company. On top of the Retail experience, I have also worked on the Supplier side of the business where I learned even more about Product Development, Production, Import/Export, Retail-Supplier Relations, Shipping, Sales, Marketing and again Customer Service. This complete, well-rounded experience has guided me in my path to the launch of FixThatLid.

FixThatLid has a lot of growth planned for the future. The long term goal is to build an online hub for people to go and find the things that interest them, are valuable and aren’t just mass delivered to everyone on the mailing list. We want to customize your experience and are taking the time to curate the site to be your one-stop shop for things like Entertainment, Lifestyle, Culture, Apparel and Design. It’s not always about shopping and selling merchandise; we want to build a site that helps you learn, grow and share with your friends.